5 Dog Breeds That Live The Longest

If you want to know which dog breeds live the longest, you may be wondering which ones live the longest. To help you determine which breeds are the most long-lived, we’ve compiled a list of the average life spans of all dog breeds. The chart below shows which breeds have the longest life spans. Keep reading to learn more. Also, be sure to read our article on the best breeds for old people.

Jack Russell terriers

The long life expectancy of the Jack Russell terrier is a testament to its hardy nature. Though not all Jack Russells will suffer from the aforementioned diseases, those that do can still lead very long and healthy lives. The breed’s longevity is largely a result of the care and breeding of its founders. While direct and in-line breeding tends to whittle the gene pool, it can also lead to inherited genetic disorders.

The eye problems that affect the Jack Russell terrier include glaucoma and lens luxation. Glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve and results in blindness or vision loss. Lens luxation is a condition caused by ligament deterioration. It can also lead to deafness. These eye problems can be dangerous and require immediate treatment. Visiting a vet regularly will help you prevent problems.

Miniature dachshunds

The long life of Miniature Dachshunds is not entirely due to genetics. Their short legs make running easy. In fact, they were often used for hunting badgers. Their short legs also allow them to run well when they’re simulated hunting. A balanced diet should also include plenty of healthy fats, which promote brain development and better eyesight. Proper vitamins and minerals are also essential, and your veterinarian can provide advice about the right mix.

Although genetics play a major role in a dog’s lifespan, it’s also a function of proper care. Moreover, Doxies from puppy mills tends to be weaker and have shorter lifespans than those from reputable breeders. While purebred Doxies tend to live longer, mixed breeds are less likely to have health issues. So, it’s important to find out a dog’s pedigree before buying one.


When it comes to longevity, Maltese dogs live the longest of any breed. This may seem surprising, but it is true. In fact, according to the American Kennel Club, Maltese dogs live the longest of any breed. While their longevity may not be impressive, they are one of the most loyal dogs in the world. Here are a few reasons why Maltese dogs live the longest. First, this breed is a true beauty! Their white coats can turn pink, and they are notorious for their licking.

Another reason why Maltese puppies live so long is their small size. They tend to live between twelve and fifteen years, longer than the average dog. This number does not include any genetic diseases, but it does reflect the life span of smaller breeds, as smaller dogs tend to live longer than larger ones. And a Maltese pup is expected to live at least one year longer than its mother. This is because Maltese females are generally healthier than their male counterparts, and there are no serious genetic diseases among Maltese pups.

English cocker spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel is known to live for about 10 to 15 years, and the longest-lived of these dogs is believed to be Uno, who lived a full 22 years. Although Cockers are renowned for their longevity, they can also develop a wide range of health problems, ranging from gastrointestinal issues to genetic conditions. While longevity in Cockers is not known, dedicated breeders do their best to create healthy, happy puppies.

A Cocker Spaniel should get its regular shots and be neutered or spayed before reaching the appropriate age. Regular health care is essential for this breed as it is prone to many illnesses, but some of them can be prevented or treated early. In particular, vaccinations against certain diseases, such as distemper can help protect your dog from certain health issues, such as joint pain. Regular visits to the vet can also help prevent some diseases by detecting them early. In addition, your vet can recommend the right time to spay or neuter your dog.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a cross between a cat and a dog. A Bichon’s life span is roughly seven to eight years longer than a cat’s. A Bichon’s lifespan varies depending on the individual. A Bichon puppy, for example, is about fifteen years old in human years at one year of age. This figure increases every two years, and by the time a Bichon is two, he is around twenty-four years old.

This breed has fewer genetic health problems than purebred dogs and other breeds. The two most common health concerns in Bichons are allergies and obesity. These issues can be managed by controlling the dog’s weight and keeping it clean. Bichon fries also have many health conditions associated with age. Some common diseases are osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, and elbow dysplasia. Other conditions may include sight-related disorders, such as Legg-Calves-Perthes disease.