The Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World

Which of the Most Expensive Dog Breeds is worth the price tag? Here are some ideas. For example, the English Bulldog is incredibly popular because of its brawny frame and adorably wrinkled face. But why would any dog owner spend so much on a dog? Let’s look at the most expensive breeds and their owners. Hopefully, you’ll see something you love on the list.


The Saluki is a sighthound and is one of the most expensive dog breeds. This breed lives from 12 to 14 years and is the highest-priced dog breed. They have a long, deep-chested bodies and require patient training. They weigh between 16 and 29 kg and are considered excellent pets for apartment living. The Saluki is not particularly aggressive but is tolerant and loyal to other pets.

The Saluki is one of the oldest domesticated dog breeds, and it is a great choice for owners who want a loyal, loving pet. The Saluki has a long, bushy tail and resembles a greyhound. This breed is said to be the oldest domesticated dog breed, and it can cost between $2,000 and $4,000 for a puppy. Another popular choice for the most expensive dog breeds is the Pembroke Welsh corgi, which is small and beautiful. It is a favorite of Queen Elizabeth II and is one of the world’s most expensive breeds. Its fox-like appearance and stumpy tail make it an ideal dog for chasing birds and other animals. Pembroke Welsh corgis can cost as much as $1,000 for a puppy with a good bloodline.


There are many reasons to buy an Akita. They’re a very rare breed that has very specific physical characteristics, making them one of the most expensive dog breeds. They are also very loyal and alert. They’re one of the rarest dog breeds in North America, so they can fetch a high price. While many people have no problems sacrificing other aspects of their lives to get one of these dogs, it’s worth the price.

The Akita is the prized dog breed in Japan. The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently offered to gift President Putin a male puppy Akita. Putin, however, declined the gift, citing concerns that his current female Akita wouldn’t get along with the new male. A well-bred Akita will cost you upwards of $1650 and can easily top $2,500 for a fully grown adult. Akitas are powerful and protective animals, and they need early socialization and exercise.

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan mastiff was once one of the world’s most expensive dog breeds. Despite their short life span, they are highly desirable. In 2014, a Chinese businessman paid $1.9 million for a Tibetan mastiff. The breed is also known for being calm and aloof. It can grow to over 26 inches at the shoulder. It weighs more than 100 pounds. It is one of the most expensive dog breeds.

The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient breed of dog with long hair and a regal, round face. It is now considered a status symbol in China, sending its prices through the roof. In 2011, an 11-month-old golden-haired Tibetan mastiff named Big Splash sold for $1.5 million at a luxury dog fair in Zhejiang province. According to NBC News, the buyer plans to breed the Tibetan mastiffs himself.

Pharaoh Hound

The Pharaoh Hound is one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world. This breed has a lifespan of 10 to 14 years, but it’s prone to costly health conditions, including hypothyroidism and cataracts. Some medical procedures can cost more than $3,000 each. Originally from the Maltese Islands, this breed is known for its skill in hunting rabbits and other small game. It’s highly intelligent and athletic but is sensitive to stress and other physical issues.

The Pharaoh Hound has a 5,000-year history and is the national dog of Malta. The dog was named for its royal appearance, athletic prowess, and high intelligence. Shaw once said that man was the only animal that blushes, but the Pharaoh Hound blushes when excited. Buying one of these dogs can cost up to $6500.


One of the most expensive dog breeds is the Lowchen. Also known as the Petit Chien Lion, this small breed of dog has a life span of about 12 to 14 years and is extremely sociable. Its long, supple fur is often cut into a lion’s mane, and it is surprisingly easy to train. However, it can be very expensive – puppies can cost between $5,000 and $8,000 and are often sold as show dogs.

The Lowchen is an ancient breed of dog that was popular with noblemen in the Renaissance period. These dogs have a long coats and have been used in paintings for many centuries. While they are generally classified as toy dogs, they can reach a height of 30 to 35 centimeters. Because of their long coats, they have earned the nickname of “little lions.”