Top 5 Reasons to Visit Canada

There are many reasons to visit Canada. Not only is the Canadian dollar lower than the U.S. dollar, but the landscapes and cities are breathtaking. You can experience luxury ski lodges, go on a road trip, visit a cattle ranch, or attend the famous Calgary Stampede, to name a few. Canada is truly a magical place. If you’re unsure how to start your trip, consider these tips.

Niagara Falls

Whether or not you’re a sports fan, Niagara Falls is a must-see tourist destination. Named for the Latin term for falls, Niagara Falls is a stunning sight. Located only 20 miles away from the cities of Toronto and Buffalo, the falls are easily accessible from the U.S. You can watch a game or two at the Buffalo Bills and Sabres, the Maple Leafs, and Blue Jays of the NHL. There’s also a thriving theater scene in Toronto, among the best in North America.

If you’d like to experience the breathtaking beauty of the Falls up close, a tour is the best way to experience them. You can book a guided tour, such as with Dare Devil Tours. They tell tales of people who have tight-roped above the falls or deliberately plunged into them. You can try a Niagara helicopter tour if you’d rather enjoy the falls from a different angle.

The Canadian dollar is cheaper than the U.S. dollar.

In recent years, the U.S. dollar has steadily declined against the Canadian dollar. This has happened despite the fact that the U.S. economy continued to improve, despite a severe slump in 2008. The weak global demand for oil and gas, coupled with the expansion of oil and gas extraction techniques, has weighed down on the currency. However, low oil prices will eventually start to affect the economy and the exchange rate.

Although Canadian money is currently cheaper than the American dollar, there have been many periods when the Canadian dollar has been worth more than the American one. The Canadian dollar’s value peaked against the U.S. dollar on July 11, 1864, which was the first day that the U.S. temporarily abandoned the gold standard. This fluctuation in value is not unusual, but Canadian dollar prices haven’t been as high since. Regardless, this doesn’t mean that the Canadian dollar is worth less than the U.S. dollar.


There are many reasons to visit Canada. From the diversity of culture to the breathtaking scenery, this country has something for everyone. The country boasts of many national parks, offering a unique opportunity to explore the wilderness and its natural wonders. Visitors can also take part in outdoor sports such as hiking and camping. You’ll love the untouched beauty of Canada. It has so much to offer, no matter what your interests are.

The Rocky Mountains are the world’s largest mountain range, stretching from British Columbia in the north to southern Montana in the west. There are few outliers in North America, with the Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland and the Wind River Range in Wyoming. The rugged terrain in these places makes it easy to experience awe. And despite the beauty of Canada’s nature, few roads make it possible to explore all of it.


With its vast land, vibrant landscapes, and soul-filling culture, Canada is one of the world’s most exciting travel destinations. From its urban centers to the untouched wilderness, Canada offers something for every traveler. Here, we’ve rounded up five amazing cities you must visit. The ultimate Canadian vacation begins in Vancouver, British Columbia. While Vancouver is the most popular Canadian destination, it’s worth the trip just to explore the city’s diverse cultures and natural sights.

The French-speaking city of Montreal is the cultural capital of Canada. Located in the heart of Quebec, Montreal celebrates Quebecois architecture, which draws inspiration from France and other European countries. Whether you’re interested in history or architecture, Montreal offers a diverse mix of cultures. The historic Notre Dame Basilica is one of the city’s most iconic attractions and was built in the 17th century by the British.


Canada has some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife. With three oceans and six time zones, the country offers plenty of opportunities for wild adventures. You can experience belugas and spirit bears in their natural habitat, and you can see grizzly and black bears in the Canadian Rockies. If you’re a fan of the sea, you’ll find a number of protected marine conservation areas in Canada.

In 1991, foreign tourists spent $842 million on fish-and-wildlife-related activities. Most of this money went to fishing licenses, birdwatching equipment, and outdoor clothing. Even hotels were included in these expenses. The public’s interest in Canada’s wildlife has led to the development of tourism-related to nature appreciation. Wildlife viewing in Canada has led to a boost in both the country’s economy and the tourism industry.